Vince - Austin v MINI

So what were the changes…

I’ll start from the back with the badges, all very standard but back in the day, a car with the luxury of automatic transmission had a badge to declare the same, so badges where commissioned in the New MINI font but old style, and placed just below the MINI badge.Automatic

The CD player was removed from the boot, and the parcel shelf repaired with a bit of ply glued and screwed under the fibreboard and then coated with black felt.  This also helps keep the noise down from the back. New ultra thick carpets throughout. Two reasons for this, I like driving bare foot and it helps keep the road noise down too.  I also changed the stero head unti for one that plays microSD rathrer than audio tapes.  The unit and speakers are nothing fancy though.

Vince door plug

Turning to the door interiors there are a few changes here.  The simplest change is to the little holes in the door where the screws hold the trim.  Searching on an auction site I found some black plugs to fit these.  Of course black plugs on silver trim wouldn't work so with the aid of some model makers silver paint the plugs were painted to blend in.  The other change in this area was to the door pins, again some 'wing' trims were purchased via the auction site.  These are made of metal and come with some self adhesive pads for fitting.  Before fixing the pads though I ground some orange glass and filled the grooves in the wings and fired the glass to create an enamel filling.  These where then polished and fixed to teh door pins. 

THe next step was to start work on the dash trim...

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