To remove (or replace) the dash on an R50, R52, or R53 MINI you will need:

torx allens adjustable spanner screwdriver
Torx screw drivers or  Allen keys... an adjustable spanner and a flat bladed screwdriver


exploded dash


  1. As we will be working near explosives (the passenger airbag) it is critical to disconnect the car battery first.
  2. Get a box for putting panels into to prevent scratching, and a dish for collecting the screws etc.
  3. Use your mobile camera to take pictures of each step as you go.  This way you'll know which screws go back where.


  1. Remove the under dash trim on drivers side, just a few screws and clips hold everything in place, remember to disconnect the headlamp adjustment switch.
  2. Remove the passenger side shelf or glovebox, again just held in place with clips and a few screws.
  3. At both ends of the dashboard remove the trim panels #3 with a flat bladed screwdriver, and unfasten the screws revealed.
  4. Remove all torx fasteners labelled #14 in the above diagram.
  5. The dashboard top #1 can now be lifted off and kept safely.
  6. All trim panels now unclip, but start form the air vents #4 as each unit overlaps the next.
  7. For the drivers panel remove the screws at the bottom of panel #7, and then lower the steering column to allow panel #7 to be lifted clear of the gauges.  If this is still too tight undo the screws holding the tachometer to the steering column in panel #9.
  8. Remove the airbag panel #5 by releasing the bottom screws, and then the bolts holding the panel at the top #18.
  9. The centre panel comes in two parts, front #6, and #16.  Panel #6, the trim panel can be released by removing the screws under the panel.

Fitting is simply the reversal of the removal process.